Gratitude Journal: Day 23 / 365 Days of Gratitude

I have always loved writing hand written letters, snail mail. Growing up, I had an ongoing exchange with my Mamo, my dad's mother and artist until she passed away almost 10 years ago. I still miss those notes. They mostly talked of the weather, how she was feeling and what she was currently painting.

It truly makes me happy to brighten someone's day with a note of thanks. I have a project I've been at for almost a year, 365 Days of Gratitude Via Snail Mail to Extraordinarily Beautiful Souls. Check it out here.

Today, I am grateful to be a recipient of unexpected gratitude from author and friend, Chris Cander in her blog post. She wrote about her own experience here. It's touching. Take a moment to read it. Then, perhaps, write your own thank you note to someone who least expects it.


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