Gratitude Journal: Day 2

Here's a combined list of my gratitude with son #1 + 2's list...

Son #1
2. Football shoes, nice ones. They affect your playing. Seriously.
3. Living in Asia because it's cool and awesome. Everyone wants to know about the culture, and I get to share.
4. Having a family.
5. Weekends because I don't have school. But I do like lunchtime at school because it's fun. (sigh, from Mom. Ok, mom has some work to do here to change this perception.)
6. Breakfast. (Duh, growing teenager.)

Mom's list (aka, me):
1. Vacation with my son's.
2. My feet. I can walk, fly people, ride bikes, pick up things with my toes (impressing the kids)...
3. Living in Asia because it IS cool and awesome and enables me to show my boys that there is a whole, big, wide world out there and that they are blessed, oh so blessed.
4. Having a beautiful and supportive family.
5. Weekends because I get to play with the boys.
6. Coffee.

Son #2
1. Everything we have. And, everyone.

Well, that about sums it up. Youngest seems to be the wisest of the bunch.


  1. <3 So cute! Every year from Thanksgiving to Christmas my family makes a paper chain with each person's gratitude item for the day and it is so cool! Love that you are including your boys and raising them with a grateful spirit. They are amazing children growing into incredible adults. You are blessed and you've done well! Muah!

    1. I am blessed ~ we both are. you inspire me--- thank god for you-- I don't know how you get it all done!!! ;) sending ((hugs)) from beautiful Bali ;) xo


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