Gratitude journal: day 1

I find that gratitude grows everything. Appreciation through encouragement is the food of my soul. I don't need the approval of others in spite of my human cravings for it. In fact, I sometimes take the alternate route if I think others will think I'm seeking accolades or praise.
What I really want is to see other's shine. I believe that's what I've been called on this big earth to do: Enable others to see their own beauty and shine it big and bright by using their unique gifts and talents. Essentially paying it forward.
Because life right now is all about feeling enormous gratitude for simply being alive, doing what I love, knowing I'm loved and supported by close friends and living in sic a way that enables me to follow my passions, I'm embarking on 30 days of gratitude. Some days, I'll just be listing one thing, other days, many, and some days I may just be too busy feeling grateful that I miss posting about it! join me.
List away... and watch your heart swell with joy -- for you have far more to be grateful for than you think. Do it. Join me. and share your list.

grateful for:

1. dinner with a new friend while my son's play Uno over and over again so we can gab and support and listen and laugh.
2. listening to my favorite song, smiling knowing I will seethe artist live, oh so soon. (not sitting around. making sh#t happen.)
3. growing communities of retreats, one gorgeous person at a time.
4. wrestling, wading, watching and wiggling around with my boys.
5. Bali. incredible, magical and unexplainable Bali.


  1. Solitary hikes in pine filled canyons in fall, the ice cold beer after said hikes, reading in bed, the brush of a lover's lips, being able to make someone smile (a million ways here!), the poems of Neruda and Oliver and e. e. Cummings, passing the 9.5K marker in a 10K race, my yoga instructor, my yoga instructor's instructor, vegetables of every kind, the constancy of pi, pie, the ache of longing, the smell of creosote in the desert after a thunderstorm, the fact that the cones in my eyes allow me to perceive rainbows, the singular kiss that obliterated my soul, my passion for breathing, sunflowers, friendships.....

    1. just gorgeous. simply extraordinary ordinary life. thank you, Scot for sharing. :)


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