the green mango

The passage of time will prepare us to find our heart's desires just as it does a green mango. "When we try to eat the mango before it's ripe, it's not tasty. But when we wait, we can fully appreciate the taste, smell and texture of the juicy fruit. When we try to squeeze in a lifetime in only a short while, we miss the beauty of the ripening." ~ Poncho Cottier

Fidgeting when something was taking a bit too long (all day), I announced how impatient I am. My friend questioned, "you're a yoga teacher, right?" Yes, I am. But I'm human, and it's not possible to always  display Dali Lama like patience. If you have kids, you know what what I mean. Sigh.

I'm hoping that these next few weeks at AcroYoga Teacher Training will not only refine my skills as a practitioner but as a partner. Acrobatic skills are developed over time, just as compassion, communication and patience are cultivated with trial and error and yes, time. I am hopeful that even with my inexperience in comparison to my peers, that my heart's desires will be clarified and the green mango will begin to ripen. 


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