Amazing Grace Is Pouring Down

The Dalai Lama says " We can best tell if our practice is working after five, ten, twenty-five years".

I don't want to wait that long. I am impatient. If we are honest, most of us are. We want what everyone else has: a stronger core, a different body, power poses, more of this or maybe we just want to be the person we thought we were in our 20's. Or we want to be someone, anyone but ourselves. For me, I want to stop belittling myself and wishing, hoping for something I don't have. 

When will I to learn to accept where and who I am today? A big part of the process of acceptance has been influenced by the unfolding of my yoga practice, and it's infusion into my life. 
"When you feel the urge to leave a path, try to honestly assess if you are running away from hard work or self-confrontation, or if you have indeed completed what you came to do." Elizbeth Lesser, The Seeker's Guide
When is it time to move away from a type of practice that no longer serves me?  To retreat from a teacher that has taught me what I needed to learn, and I know I have reached the edge of growth through their teachings? Or, is it simply time for a shift in other areas of my life so that a new season may begin? 

By allowing myself to feel these things, even with a twinge of reluctance, there will be freedom.
"To go with the drift of things, To yeild with a grace to reason, And to bow and accept the endOf a love or a season." ~ Robert Frost's poem, Reluctance
May we all go with the drift of things. Allowing ourselves to yield with grace and to "be a light unto yourself". (Buddha). 

"Good and great teachers will help you become such a light. ... ultimately, you will find yourself wondering what took you so long, and why you kept searching for something you had all the time." 

Good, really good teachers give us a thread of light that allows us to discover that the brightness is within. It's been there all along. 

I am grateful for those that show me the path and light my way toward acceptance. Amazing grace is pouring down. 


Welcome Enter One Playlist*
Amazing grace is pouring down. 

Daybreak Vision, Carlos Nakai
If Melancholy were music, Fabrizio Paterlini (beautiful. he offers free downloads on soundcloud.)
Lotus Flower, Radiohead 
Towers, Bon Iver
Long Ride Home, Patty Griffin (someone I admire adores Patty Griffin, this is for Mike, yoga teacher + heart giver.)
Clean State, M. Ward
Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol (sweet longing)
Nothing Left to Lose, Mat Kearney (for Phuong)
Home Again, Michael Kiwanuka (a must listen)
Just Breathe, Pearl Jam
Hand Covers Bruise, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (beautiful instrumental)
Something beautiful , Alexi Murdoch
Make Your Heart, Azure Ray (thank you Rose for the gift of this song. it inspired me to write about my mom for mother's day.)
Enter One, Sol Seppy
Try, Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore  (gorgeous version on Daytrotter)

*The playlist from my last yoga class at Lulu Lemon City Centre. It's been a joy to represent Lulu and to get to know such a sweet, friendly crew that you have there. Loved every moment of it. 


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