Never Not Broken

It is accelerating moments, a consecutive chain of distinct points strung like pearls in my lifeline, linking together to give the impression of one uninterrupted flow. 
Affecting and stirring from what feels like serendipity or even God forbid, luck in one second, to what I often deem as my fate through traits unwillingly inherited in the next second.
Moving from one state of being to another, one juncture to another, the outer layer appears to show that it's one unbroken and fused dance, and yet it is not only broken, it is never not broken. 
The river of life of the days past is not the same as the river in this very moment. 
The waves of this instant is not going to be the same as the waves of the next. 
They reshape me continuously. 
And I feel myself becoming something beautifully unexpected from moment to moment.

We are a part of something beautiful... "the wound is the place where the light enters you" ~ Rumi


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