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It's a joy to teach. Always. Even when I've had the most challenging day "ever" or my kids act like monkeys in public (or better yet, when I'm on the phone with an "important person"), when I'm sick, or just encountered one of the many road bumps of my life that come with being a parent and newly single mom. With all the repercussions that come with beginning again... I teach.
I teach whether I feel like it or not. From the time I ask them to ground and breathe into their perfect vessel (body) all the way to asking them to gently find a posture that allows them to rest for Savasana to the final Namaste, I feel like I've been bathed in a magical dust that seems to not only refresh my body but renews my soul. Teaching (sharing what I love) coaxes me back to life when I begin to tip over into believing that I am all the abominable thoughts that doubt and fear tries to plant in my mind. Contentment comes from a deeper place. I sometimes have to be reminded, but it's there. Santosha.
"Contentment means to be as we are without going to outside things for our happiness. If something comes, we let it come. If not, it doesn't matter. We are unaffected either way. We are content when we are totally present and not wishing for the future."-- Yoga Sutra 2.42
Music also heals. Listening feels like finding my breath again. Sharing one of my lists from a recent class at Lulu Lemon that kicked off the excitement of the Texas Yoga Conference.

Inhale Pink, Billy McLaughlin (Lovely guitar mediations.)
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu, Sean Johnson And The Wild Lotus Band (Sean and Gwendolyn rocked the Texas Yoga Conference.)
Souveniram, Koudede (This is amazing. "Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 1" in the Saharan. It was a Kickstarter campaign to recover music from the Saharan from discarded cellphones.)
The Wilhelm ScreamJames Blake (Dubstep that is so doable.. love it.)
Up With the Birds, Coldplay (Whole album is good, but this one resonates most.)
All I Need, AWOLNATION (Featured this song on 14 Love Songs With An Edge You Should Download Now on Elephant Journal.)
Let the Sun Shine Through, Avasa (Makes me smile.)
The World Keeps Turnin', Trevor Hall (Always uplifting.)
One Life, James Morrison (My new mantra: you've got just one life. ONE LIFE.)
Higher Love, James Vincent McMorrow (This is beautiful. Listen now.)
The Violet Hour, The Civil Wars (Cannot get enough of this couple.)
Orange Sky, Alexi Murdoch (This one, too: Something Beautiful.)
Closing, Wah!
Woodsong, R.Carlos Nakai
Merging with the Sound, The Bhakti House Band (Go, support this band. They have a heart of gold.)
Pride (In the Name of Love), Soweto Gospel Choir In the Name of Love (Sing it!)
"May the Grace of God always be with you in heart... and may you find the strength that you are a part of something beautiful. I see a light shine now... in you. In you." --Alexi Murdoch 
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  1. listening to your website right now. I love you and your music. You are such a gift.


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