Intentions for 2012

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

my list: Love my children in a way that shows love to them. Reconnect with who I really am and realize that I am something more than who I've been hiding behind. Lead abundant, fun, service-filled retreats and workshops. Bring more unity in the yoga community. Remove the unimportant. Live courageously. Surrender my agenda. Learn from my mentor, Leeann. Acro Yoga Teacher Training. Write a book. Back up my computer and photos diligently. Do not let fear hold me back in regards to finances and love. Move house. Show humility. Grow my vision for my life. Travel to Thailand with joy and wonder, as if I were seeing it for the first time. Belly laugh with my kids every single day. Let one thing go that bothers me every day (Vairagya). Release my expectations of others. Svadhyaya (spritual study). Abhyasa, adho mukha vrksasana mastered. Live in a way that honors the Divine and see the Divine in myself and others.
BE h e r e NOW. Be LOVE.


  1. As always, thank you for shining your light with honesty & courage!

  2. inspiring and genuine from the heart! best for the new year!


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