The Fulfillment of Hope

gift of hope: the elegant birdcage woman 

The anticipation, the wonder that comes from taking the post box key chain garnished with a small Ganesh and the hope that rises as the key turns and the mail slot reveals packages upon packages. Or the disappointment as most often nothing but papers filled with advertisements spill out unwillingly into my expectant hands.
This Christmas Eve was my first to spend alone as a newly single mom. Not for want of invitiations. I had many. Grateful for the abundance of friends and outpouring of their graceful companionship, I still chose to spend the evening with some thoughtfully sliced carrots, hummus and a glass of Malbec. Love Actually (the movie) kept me comfortably uncomfortable with the thought that yes, indeed, “love is all around”.
I don’t dwell on the fact that Christmas has become a barrage of commercialism. Instead I chose to... <click to view rest on Elephant Journal >


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