lululemon community class playlist

Sunday, I had the privilege of teaching a community yoga class at the new lululemon at City Centre Houston where I'm honored to be an ambassador along with 5 other amazing athletes.

Can't wait for the next class!

Mateo with Playful Warrior, thanks for the musical requests and acro playtime post-class, and Kristina, who has an amazing Houston non-profit, Rawfully Organic, thank you for requesting the playlist!
Here's what we flowed to:

Daybreak Vision, Carlos Nakai (love the native American flute)
Guide My Way (Om Asatoma), Steve Gold (beautiful album.... especially love the song, so much magificence)
Amazing, One eskimO (try not to smile at this one)
Let Go, Frou Frou (indeed, let go)
Happiness, Goldfrapp (tech-y in a cool-vibe kind-a way)
The Mountain, Trevor Hall (my latest crush.... also check out: Brand New Day)
End of the Line, The Traveling Wilburys (thank you sweet Mandy for this one)
Roll Away Your Stone, Mumford &Sons (what's not to love?)
Lovin Yourself, Avasa & Matty Love (Very cool duo from CA)
Ong Namo: I call upon Divine Wisdom, Gurunam Singh
I Am, Guru Singh With Seal & Friends (Seal, THE Seal)
Wonderwall, Ryan Adams (this version is delicious)
Be Here Now, Ray LaMontagne (I love how the end of this song, puts you into a deep, dozy savasana bliss)
Encore, Soulfood (at the end, the sound of the ocean waves crashing into the shore...zzz)

City Centre Grand Opening Class with Kat, tomorrow, 5pm--click for more info.


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