you-are-beautiful-yes-im-talkin-to-you MANTRA

photo taken by the beautiful
Jodie Smith
Anyone willing to go back to their teen years for a do-over? I didn't think so. Those junior high and high school days for me were challenging as I tried to navigate the popularity food chain, figure out if I was good enough to make "this" team or fit in with "that" group. I put on a confident front but inside, I was often filled with self doubt. I think most kids (and adults) are like that, afraid to step out and rock the boat, be unique or a leader.  One thing that was a constant growing up: I had someone in my life who told me repeatedly, almost daily, how beautiful I was and how I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. 
My 3rd season with a group of high schoolers to train and mentor them through yoga brings another opportunity to hold up a mirror for them to see how beautiful they already are. These special kids each with their own unique set of hardships...
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