Postcard: Thailand

The depth of things to explore in Chiang Mai were beyond what I was able to do within 6 weeks. Hardly venturing out of the 4 walls of the inner city, I road via motor bike just one hour on the outskirts to the most beautiful hidden cove where a lone weathered cottage sat on stilts in the water. The woven hut held an eclectic clan of 11, all in need of nurturing, rest, and soul to soul time together. We played on the wake boards, swam, jumped off "cliffs" (ok, just 10 feet or so but it felt high!), shared meals and local fruits, gave and received Thai massage, sang "Wagon Wheel" by bonfire, and enjoyed what nature had to offer sans any electronics other than our music. This might be the very definition of bliss. Bliss.

I'll be taking an intimate group of 5 or so to Chiang Mai, Thailand June 9-20, 2012 for a yoga retreat. Grace Yoga Retreats.. is born. Email for more details and pricing. 

Postcards, a new series I'm starting on the blog.. just a little of this and that from life... telling the story behind the lens. 


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