Wild Lotus Band

seems to stem from uninhibited, unconscious excitement over something spectacular expressed in a way that manifests joy. 
a flower that roots in the deep waters of a pond, growing up from the mud, flowering on top, revealing it's beauty; closing at night returning to the water, and again rising the next day to bloom.  
group of folks who harmoniously sing, jam on instruments of one kind or another, and make noise in a melodic way. 

My definitions. I have yet to look up Webster's. But, they are fitting to the concert of Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band that began at dusk as folks trickled onto the beautiful spacious property of the Houston Yoga and Ayurvedic Wellness Center in Cyprus, Texas. 

Gwendolyn and Sean performed mantras, including a beautiful new one with a nod to Rumi and read a very animated story about hanuman from what felt like the Mahabharata. (Just kidding, it was actually another book, but it did feel epic!) 
More photos, click here
Highlights of the night: the announcement that of the TYA bill passed, meeting so many amazing individuals and teachers from our growing yoga Houston kula (community), enjoyed some flight time, felt so welcome in such a gorgeous space and was absolutely refreshed by the energy of the music. A lovely night. 


  1. Nice: What it's like to find a kindred spirit w/ a warm and open heart. The first adjective that comes to mind while thinking about this person that embraces life, documenting it in words and images. Also, it's your playlist. Fake Plastic Trees? Nice.


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