Namaste BI*%^E$

Cussing or using colorful language... feels yucky coming off my tongue. Suppose it's that Southern Bible-belt upbringing or most likely, as a kid, hearing my brother use his fair share of choice words towards my mother which still makes me cringe when I think about it. 

I even feel bad when I say the word "crap" under my breath which has been a little too often lately as I'm driving more and more the mommy taxi. Traffic, I-10, and being late, it gets to me, even when I loosen my grip on the wheel and use pranayama (breathing)... doesn't always work. Music helps sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't.  

Foul language, I feel is used for shock value. And, then after a while, it becomes habitual. Over time, folks don't even realize they are saying it and then, it's suddenly a part of them, no longer feel impacted by it. Compare it to watching TV, at first the graphic scenes are, well, GRAPHIC! And, then, over time, it takes a whole lot to even make a 9 year old or a 5 year old for that matter, blink. They're so used to it that it doesn't bother them. Desensitized. I don't want to sound like I'm preaching against the use of any kind of language... I'm not. You certainly can say whatever your heart desires. "Out of the abundance of our heart, the mouth speaks", right? If we're not filtering what we say, how mindful is it?

I occasionally read this blog, Namaste Bitches by Holly Westergren. Gasp! I know, but I'm a fan. Having said that, I certainly don't align with all her posts (especially a resent one on Lulu Lemon... because for gosh sakes (yes, I don't believe in saying God's name in vain either), why do we always have to get on the: I don't like big business band wagon?) There are just better things to worry over or write about. 

The post on taking it to the streets, did, however, resonate with me. Here's an excerpt:

"I do feel there is a serious disconnect between the people who are teaching yoga and the people who could benefit from it most. There are corners of our own cities where yoga has not dared to travel. I encourage you, if you're a teacher, to take yoga out of the box, get out of your own yoga teacher comfort zone. Yoga is meant to be shared. That's kinda the whole point, isn't it? Unfortunately, in many parts of the world it has become an elitist endeavor alongside a path of spiritual materialism."

I may very well be as guilty as the rest... who am I to judge? And, talking about cussing, do I sound like a hypocritical spiritual elitist? I hope not. Why not just be a tad more cleaver in our words, posts, writings, or whatever... do we have to say "naked" or the F-word it to get people's attention (just check out how popular Elephant Journal's posts are when they use the word porn or naked in the headlines... it's crazy. They're "liked" twice as much as an article without it in the title.) 

I'm weaving together my own experience, and try to share what I'm learning and loving about yoga with anyone who's willing. It's pretty simple really, and I don't feel like I have to use eye-poping, ugly language to do it or even come up with anything super inventive. I just want to be open and available to those around me. Am I living purposefully if I'm too busy to talk to a friend or to smile at someone or even be kind to the guy that just cut me off with his big 'ol Ford pick up truck that says "Danger: I drive like you do"? It's not about trying to live righteously because, frankly, I've tried that, and that's a tough and ridiculously difficult facade to keep up. Just being me is enough. 

According to Holly, "It's about reclaiming your sense of purpose and recognizing that there is only one you." 

*Note: the title of this blog is what has kept it in my draft folder for a while... what would you have called it? Is it too Elephant Journal tabloid-like or right on? 


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