Earth-shaking, make it happen now, kind of women.

powerful winged woman
A renegade single mom already running multiple businesses starting a print yoga magazine
A newly separated mother of 3 sprightly boys courageously going back to school to realize her dream of becoming a teacher
A self proclaimed "Ms. Nobody" learned to finally shun that way of thinking and is trailblazing in her field of expertise
A enchanting young lady fearful of leaving her hometown and is now setting off to explore the world
A friend and neighbor says "no" to things that do not serve her family and herself well and "yes" to the things that challenge her, like taking care of an ailing mother estranged in another country for years
A new business owner making sense of broken relationships and cracking the code of her Karma: a seemingly bad thing happens and then a good thing comes to take it's place 

Incredibly strong, earth-shaking, make it happen now, kind of women. That's who I have been around lately. It's magical and empowering to be associated with and a part of the lives of women that seem to breathe words into action. Say it, and it's already done. I have to admit, though, it can be a little overwhelming, even intimidating, at times if I allow my mind to dance around my insecurities. The, "I could never do what they're doing!" internal dialog that often rolls around my head. However, I learned that I can celebrate their lives and applaud their experiences without feeling like I have to do what they're doing to be great in my own odd little way. 

I tend to jump on the speeding train of new beginnings and pray I don't get derailed by the things that fall into the tracks. In a beautiful article by an Anusara teacher, she explains that "in classical yoga we make the waves calm by the cessation of our minds. However, in Aunusara yoga, the intent is to ride the wave to where the current is the strongest, stay in the middle and find a balance in the flux." 

Through the waves of changes in my life over the past 2 years and even in just the past 2 weeks, I see a divine path unfolding, but only by looking back, do I see how each turn and bump along the way has guided me to where I am. I'm literally working on my ability to cut, paste, delete and start new. Cutting the habits that don't serve me well, pasting the lessons of my life and the lives of these amazing women onto my template of inspiration and deleting the ways of thinking that are harmful to me so that I can start new. 

One of those trail-blazing, know no fear women encouraged me that if I can just release what I'm clinging to, it will open the door for something far greater to come my way. And, true to her words, within hours, litterally hours, that greater thing came barreling in into shore. I'm riding that wave. 


  1. Wow. This is beautiful. And very applicable to my life today, even though you wrote this months ago. I too have been marveling at these strong, beautiful, inspiring, amazing women in my life. I have been feeling so inadequate next to them and overwhelmed by self doubt. And then, some sort of shift happened. I still feel overwhelmed, inexperienced in life, disagreeable at times, but these women who surround me, who lift me up- I am one of them. And as I strive to do, to be for them what they are for me, I realize I already am. Thank you Mel for being one of those women in my life and for all that you are and all that you do and all that you are becoming! Love, love, love you!


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