down dog for dinner, the new "Yogan"

if we have down dogs for dinner
how about some backbends for breakfast? 

The idea for this post started with a brainstorming session on slogans for covetable, wearable yoga t-shirts. There's just something so weird about needing a slogan for YOGA apparel. But, that's where yoga is today. Isn't it all about the t-shirt? If someone has an experience at a studio, conference or workshop, they want to not only capture the experience and take it home with them, they want to wear or infuse a piece of that event into their life. And, a t-shirt is the cheapest way to do that.
When I registered for the Texas Yoga Conference this weekend, there were only a few of the "cool" shirts left and a ton of the, well, busy-looking ones (with all the sponsor logos on it.) Who wants to be a walking advertisement? You won't catch me in a Nike t-shirt with a giant swoosh. Unless, of course, it's uber cool with a catchy slogan.
Leeann & Mateo poppin
Leeann Carey Yoga had a booth at the Texas Yoga Conference, and we thought, hum... if our logo shirts had a powerful or funny statement printed on it, other than we're Leeann Carey Yoga... then, perhaps, perhaps... someone might want to stop at our table. Please, please, stop, linger, and see us at our table! It's all about the merchandise... and back to the t-shirts. It's all how we want others to perceive us. What we wear, somehow (fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) does matter. After all, we purchased a soft, feminine cut tank top that said "yoga dealer" on it. That's the new yoga, baby. We're now dealers. Instead of poppin drugs, we're literaly poppin the poses.
My new favorite yoga slogan or "yogan": Down Dog for Dinner. Now that's catchy. Darn, I can't take credit for it. (Inspired by Leeann and Mateo.)

Here's the yogans we're digging into:
"Backbends for Breakfast"
"Lunges for Lunch"
"Down Dogs for Dinner"

Who's buyin?


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