February "for the love" Music Playlist

Playlist from today's Vinyasa 3 class per your request, Riches!
A few Valentine-y tunes.

Song, Artist, & Comments
Soft Glow / Distant Echo, Reyem Kir 
(great starting song for yoga...makes the Forrest Yoga ab work not feel quite as hard as it is!) 

Two Lovers, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan

Ganesha Windmix (Remixed By Shaman's Dream), Jai Uttal 
(Jai is a big name in Bhakti music (devotional chanting) right now... check him out at a Kirtan)

Real Love, Van Daler & Love Pressure feat. Natasja Saad 
(a completely fun, upbeat, do 100 sun salutes kind-a-song)

Peace, Love and Happiness, G. Love & Special Sauce
(this song makes me smile)

Lovely Day, Donavon Frankenreiter 
(if you haven't listened to his music yet... you're so in for something sweet. Also check out these 2 songs: Beautiful Day or Such a night. )

Lovers In Japan / Reign Of Love, Coldplay
( a long tune but so right and perfect. love it.)

Bless You, Lulu Rouge,Buddha-Bar X (Disc 2)

La pêcheuse, Rupa & The April Fishes
(they performed at Wanderlust in CA this past year... funky and French)

Is Love Enough, Michael Franti & Spearhead 
Headphones, M Franti
(Franti, amazing in concert. I cannot remember laughing, smiling or dancing more at any concert. Absolutely the most fun you can have sans the alcohol. Also: Headphones.)

Kiss Of Life, Sade 
( flashback to my early high school days... Sade and Anita Baker, I just about wore out those cassette tapes. For more of musical memories and another playlist, click. Really, it's worth a read.)

Argentina love affair, Buddha Bar, Buddhattitude - Liberdade 
(this got a few chuckles today... very chill)

The Uncomfortable Truth, Nneka 
(hip hop singer from Nigeria with a degree in Anthropology. cool.)

Sun Rise In Peace, David and Steve Gordon 
(for those of you who need more drums- birds chirping - to feel like you're on a massage table-music, I give you, sacred earth drums.)

Ong Namo, Gurunam Singh 
(Ong Namo means: I call upon Divine Wisdom)

Crazy Love, Van Morrison 
(my other fav song, Sweet Thing)

Fade Into You, Mazzy Star 
(beautifully hypnotic singer)

Falling Water, Reyem Kir

Bread And Wine, Peter Gabriel  
(instrumental, flowy)


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