Seattle: Acro Yoga Immersion

Day 4, acro yoga training: Abundance. By far my most challenging and yet best day of the 5 days in the immersion for me. The high note was celebrating Nicola's birthday. In our circle of sharing (no, we didn't hold hands and sing Kumbaya, however, it was definitely a touchy-feel-y, warm your heart and hug-y kind-a week), we offered what we would contribute to Nicola's birthday party if we had infinite resources. Imaginations running wild: everything from fluorescent body paint to a cake you could swim in to the original cast of Cats to joy. A lovley birthday.

In route to experience abundance, I accidentally detoured to through excessive mommy guilt. Feeling I should be home and yet knowing I can trust that all is well at home. The push and pull of needing to be fully present in the training and wanting to be available to my normal responsibilities was a battle. I'm grateful for the emotional day and the refining that physical distance from loved ones and the process of learning new movements in my body brings.

Talk about refinement. Acro yoga training is about having a child-like playfulness while at the same time following a progression of steps to ensure safety and support for yourself and your partners. Birthday fun aside, we balanced the day with acro asana sequences, drills, flying (or basing in my case), therapeutic asana sequences, thai massage, and therapeutic flying.

Lakshmi usually portrayed as the goddess of wealth and prosperity. A deeper look reveals the plentifulness of the good things in life are within... friendship, joy and trust...the fullness of community.

In gratitude for ABUNDANCE and to my teachers.



  1. LOVE hearing about your life :) amazing...
    and always love your playlist---you have the best music!!!
    MISS YOU!!! :)


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