Happiness in ordinary moments

Happiness is when I can hit the pause button and appreciate
the little

1. falling snow on my face
2. watching the sun rise, colors bursting from the sky over the mountains
3. hot, sweet masala chai
4. taking my shoes off
5. when urdhva dhanurasana, 3 times feels easy, freeing and opens my heart 
6. hand stands, staring contests & thumb wrestling with the boys
7. when nana can remember where and when she met my dad: on a plane, I was 9 or 10
8. my precocious son pretending to listen to Kings Of Leon on unplugged headphones... the music is in his head, he said
9. when I can hear music in my head and it's not too off key and I can remember the lyrics
10. a friend calls for no reason at all but to say how much they appreciate you
11. (because 10 is too few and 12 is too many) giving without expectations... it's rare but when I manage it... bliss

nathan & i -- balloon ride
I've been told I have the right to "the pursuit of happiness". But true joy requires me to distinguish between real happiness and the imaginary kind. "Having it all" doesn't equate to finding it. Even striving for equanimity and the action of trying so hard to be unattached to a desired outcome (happiness)... seeking illusive perfection... won't bring lasting joy.  Happiness comes in small moments while pursuing the big stuff. After a while, the small moments become the point.


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