Planet Yoga Workshop Highlights

This weekend was full of some amazing learning, teaching and community! Friday was a free class at Lucy's- thanks for coming! And, thanks Lucy's for sponsoring!
Yaffa, Paige, Mel @Lucy's

A huge thank you to Chyrs Kub who flew in from Charolette to teach 2 great workhops- one the core at Cinco Lifetime and one on shoulders at Jennyoga.

Core Workshop
Core highlights: Your "core" includes your trunk (internal/external obliques, rectus abdominals, transverse abdominals, erector spinae).  Sequencing a class is key with the Planet Yoga Method of teaching. There are preparatory postures to do before you get to your "queen pose" or apex posture for class. One pose prepares the body for the next and so on. We covered some poses with the connection of "belly to throat" in standing warrior postures, plank, and more.

Shoulder highlights:
We worked with shoulder mobility and stabilty (a safe alignment skill) and weaved in the use of the strap to press into to have a tatile feeling of muscle contraction. For example: wrap a yoga strap around forearms with arms shoulder width apart. Standing, with arms straight ahead, round (protract) and depress lightly (feel the shoulder blades moving inward without squeezing them, rather than pushing shoulders forcefully down.) Then, practice chaturanga with the strap. the strap will stop you from going too far with your shoulders toward floor. Feel the breath easy moving from your throat to your belly and back.

After the workshop, we headed to the park for some fab acro yoga! Partner work can be really challenging. However, when you have a confident partner who trusts you... wow! More photos.

“The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.”

Finally, ended the day with a rockin concert at the House of Blues to see Michael Franti. (The first song on my playlist is the sound of sunshine. I can't think of a happier song in the world at the moment!)

I'm only teaching 2 classes this week: Tuesday at the park, 9.30am, and Wednesday morning, 5.15 am at Lukes. Hope you'll join me. I'm headed to Santa Barbra for a Planet Yoga retreat with Leeann Carey.

Life is good.


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