How transparent are you?

Everyone talks about everything pretty freely these days. It just makes me wonder, should we have a little more filter on our lives? A little less transparency? Connection. In a 2009 survey, 74% of women use email and 61% use the Internet everyday. 12 million women (ages 35-44) use Facebook. I'm one of 12 million.
Car Art in Houston, more random thoughts

Here's a random sampling from my Facebook pages this week.* You know what people:

wearing (bring on the tutu, acro yoga, and champagne in the park) 
eating (a photos of flan drizzled with raspberry sauce or complete descriptions of stomach bug and the cure: kombucha)
thinking ("can you believe that woman had a tatt of Obama on her arm, along with the name of all her children? or could that be her boyfriends names?" or "Someone with horrible breath just walked in my office. I started gagging. Luckily he was trying to give me some breakfast so I blamed it on that but it wasn't that. Apparently I will not be eating much today either.")
"like" ("I dont care about your farm, or your fish, or your park, or your mafia!!!"
don't "like" (the one that made me cringe this week: "whoever ate me lunch from the freezer, I hope you choke on it."), music ("Journey still rocks, man, check this out!")
reading (is everyone a Twilight fan except for me?) or yoga prescriptions for low back
watching (warning, this may bring you to tears)
random ("Bet YOUR toilet doesn't hv a tail !!")
exercising "It is getting easier. I will get there. I will see my abs again by Xmas. I can do it. Yes I can."
animals of all kinds
watching (relationships
quoting ("“At first dreams seem impossible, then improbable, then inevitable.”)
believe "True. He's true I tell you." or "The path to enlightenment is not a group trip. Go inside and concentrate.", influence ("I've succumbed to "peer pressure" from the neighborhood: two baby pumpkins are gracing the porch (no halloween decorations, though)."
parenting ("Dear soccer parents,Shin guards belong under the soccer socks. Please don't let your child wear shin guards without socks or over the socks. They look ridiculous. Sincerely, A Fellow Soccer Parent (who also happens to have a degree in Fashion Merchandising")) 
connecting with friends in far away lands ("thought the two nice gentlemen in fatigues holding rifles who have been outside all day on our driveway might like a cup of tea and a few ginger biccies."  or "2yr old friend came round for a play and showed us a toy he found in the hallway. A closer look revealed he was clutching a live frog." or  "Lucas, on va rencontrer quelqu'un qui s'appelle Vincent....ah bon c'est un numero?" (too bad I don't speak French).)

All this random, "What's on Your mind", transparency is not all bad. I feel significant and perhaps one reason is because it fulfills my need for connection. I'm able to hear from friends who encourage with positive messages. Things like, people remembering my birthday or telling me they enjoyed my class. Media certainly cannot be replaced by the real I've chosen to unplug for a while. So long Facebook, unessential emails ("unsubscribe", here I come!), and blogging. Going to give myself a little time to wean off. (A few more posts before I go. Well, I'm just being honest.) If I have just 10 or 20 minutes available to me to be in peace, do I really want to spend that time on the computer? 

I'm off to India in a few weeks and will completely unplug except for my phone to call home. You can send love & birthday well wishes via text  (39 on 11/23)... or you can post on Facebook, it'll still be there when I get back, right? 

*gratitude to my friends who are reading what was on their minds in my blog... but I figure.. you posted it for the world to see, right?


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