enough Yoga to go around

A beautiful lesson I've learned from observing an amazing entrepreneurial yogi & friend who owns Curayoga (formerly Jennyoga), is that there is enough Yoga to go around in the city (world). She graciously promotes not only her workshops and programs... but anyone, any studio or person, can put fliers or info on their own classes or workshops in her studio. It's Yoga Sangha (community). We're all meant to be united in sharing what we love, right? There's no owning Yoga or exercise or any other fitness technique. You'll get a lot farther in life when you support the little guy along the way, rather than try to tear him down. It only makes you look like the big bad wolf when you act territorial.

Well-being is something that someone must choose for themselves. My belief is that whatever motivates you to move your body is a good thing... whether you go to a big mega gym, find a personal trainer, a yoga class in the park, run with a group of friends who encourage you, gardening, walk or ride your bike, it just doesn't matter... simply move. Move your body in a way that speaks to you. When find something you love... do it! Doesn't offend me, if yoga or pilates is not your thing. I do encourage folks to give it more than one try... you never know (see the last blog post). In the end, it's not what kind of yoga (or fitness) you do that matters, it's doing what you're passionate about consistently -- that's what will matter. What brings you to JOY?
boot camp sangha meets yoga sangha
Feeling like I need to refocus today and put LIFE into perspective. A Gratitude List usually does the trick:

1. Andrew learned to ride his bike without training wheels yesterday! Joy of accomplishment on his face was beyond words.
2. Nathan's delight with finding more Smarties than any other candy in his goodie bag from a fun fair.
3. Got an email from a student who shared a story about how class this week helped her through a tough situation with family.
4. PY (planet yoga) community: a blessing. Entrusting me to do things I never imagined I would get to do.
5. I'm going to India... I N D I A! It's add-on to the life list. And, I can afford to buy new clothes to take with me to India and plan to leave them there.
one more:
6. Friends. Who I know love me... even when they're to busy to call or have coffee... and friends who extend grace to me when I appear to be too busy to call or have coffee. (I'm really not that busy... I'm probably at Starbucks now, if you want to come on. ; ))

In joy & gratitude.


  1. Great post - there is more than enough yoga for everyone. Acting territorial or hesitating to lend a hand to the new yoga teacher is against what yoga really is.

  2. Ah thank you my dear friend, needed that confirmation today! You Rock, sistah!

  3. Oh, Lisa! oh, on so many levels.. I needed to say this... I can't believe how many of my friends and yogis are going through this right now. It's crazy! It's just yoga... it's Yoga, YOGA. love, light and joy....living what you believe will help the greater good...no motives... just growing the community b/c you love the community and love what you do.
    keep being the amazing light you are!


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