Did I love well?

A friend said to me, you're nearly 40 Mel (39 in November, actually), how do you want to live the rest of your life? And then I read this morning:

"When I imagine myself as an old woman at the end of my life and ask myself how I will evaluate my time here, there is only one question that concerns me: Did I love well? There are a thousand ways to love other people and the world-- with our touch, our words, our silences, our work, our presence. I want to love well. This is my hunger. I want to make love to the world by the way I live in it, by the way I am with myself and others every day. So I seek to increase my ability to be with the Truth in each moment, to be with what I know, the sweet and the bitter. I want to stay aware of the vastness of what I do not know. This is what brings me to the journey. I do not want to live any other way. "--The Invitation by Oriah

Bravely following what in my heart to know to be True.

Steph & Adi
4 yr old son asked "are they kissing? yuck!" ; )


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