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Duncan Wong presented a free-for-all workshop at Jennyoga yesterday on advance techniques taught in a basic way or what he calls "Yogic Arts". We covered everything from wrist therapy to hips to dropbacks... and his theories on the essence of all power. Which by the way, was any of number of things... not just one essence. I began to think by the end that "the essence of all power" was a habitual phrase that he used in all his workshops to emphasize a point. Because of his repetition, I began to appreciate how he sees the body as a source, the source of power, Truth, and the Divine.

A short list of the essence of all power according to Duncan:

  • Pulling the inner thighs in- is the essence
  • shoulder power structure 
  • stop is the power of go (in reference to the shoulder structure)
  • by exhaling completely-you learn how to move with power
  • nothing exists without energetic connectivity which is the essence of all power
  • bandhas create power 
  • spaciousness is the the key to power
  • finally 
  • living your truth is the essence of our power

I suppose I noticed the recurrence because I take notes voraciously. Without notes...my mind is like a funnel. I can pour it in but it just leaks right out the bottom.  With notes, my mind is like my grandma's flour sifter, the finer points remain, to be reflected on and chewed on over a period of time.

Technical mechanics and his comedic nature aside, his brief comment about "living your Truth" is what I'll take away from his intensive.  I can't remember his exact words. I keep trying to rewind it in my mind... but it's his facial expression that I see, illuminating the intensity in his eyes. And, I can hear the passion behind his words when all joking melted from his face as he reiterated that "all of these systems of yoga being developed out there are all saying the same thing, just in a slightly different way... and as we use these systems, we are to explore how we feel doing doing them." 

I hope to take what I've learned this weekend and from every other experience and give it time to resonate within me.... and carefully discern what to weave in to my own teaching. I read recently, the biggest gift we can give our students is to have our own consistent practice. Through the discipline of practice, I find my own Truth, my path of teaching.

Thank you, Duncan for sharing your time & the wisdom of your teachings. Namaste. 

Blair & Duncan


  1. Thank you so much for sharing his teachings. Your esseance is felt, leaving an imprint over his words. Love the passion you bring into existance.


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