Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Marcee (Nana), my lovely step-mom, has early on-set Alzheimer's disease. This disease has changed not only my Nana's life but has altered all of our lives, especially my father's who is her loving and patient primary caregiver. Nana goes through many struggles daily...things that we take for granted. Nathan, my 9 year old, calls Alzheimer's the forgetting disease. You begin to forget whether you've eaten, why you got dressed (for what occasion), to do simple hygiene, and daily tasks that require focus such as reading or writing simply are not possible. Even following a plot on TV becomes impossible. 5.3 million have Alzheimer's disease. It is an incurable disease, but with the hope of research and education, there are things we can do to increase awareness and take steps to delay the onset or even prevent it. To learn more about the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer's.

Nathan at last year's walk

Nana, Dad, Nathan & Drew
There are lots of ways to support. Would you consider a donation to support my family in the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk this Saturday, 9.11 at La Centerra in Katy? 
Or Join us! I'll be walking with my boys, 4 & 9, who walked it last year and were so proud to have completed it!  
Check in:7am
Warm up (with me): 7.30
5K walk: 8am

Click to Support (read how my son has been raising money for the walk. cool kid.) Or, leave a note of encouragement (comment) below! ; ) 

"To increase your ability to extend compassion to others, begin by allowing compassion for yourself to grow."- Judith Lasater  

There is mounting evidence that a regular yoga and mediation practice can lesson the symptoms of the disease. I want to encourage you to continue your journey of wellness!  

Many of you know that I do 2 classes yoga/week in Katy sponsored by Luke's Locker & Planet Yoga, that are free/donation based classes. The money raised from these 2 classes goes toward the Alzheimer's Association. Would love for you to join us! 

In joy! Mel


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