Yoga Sutra 1.27

Tasya Vacakah Pranavah

The word expressive of Isvara (The Devine) is the mysic sound OM. The symbol OM, represents the world and everything in it.

Yoga Sutra 1.27

While in Crested Butte for a yoga retreat with my goregous friends, Laurie and Janet, I was completely delighted to meet Janet's sister, Judy, yogi, author, and owner of the Nordic Inn. I instantly took to her, but when she and her husband graciously invited us to a barbecue at their cabin, and I saw that she named her cabin, The Center Place, from the Zuni saying: "All good things from the Center Place", it sealed the deal. She's someone who you just want to be around because she exudes joy!

Sharing with you one of my favorite poems from her book, Sending Forth the Seed.

My beloved Monks

My beloved monks
Are inside me
melting me gently
with their om.

Oming my heart
Into liquid gold
Drops into puddles,
Circles colliding,
Rings flowing
Outward, outward
From the center place.

I am the one line,
The one tone
That has no opposite.
I am the lone prayer flag
Anchored in the rocks

My prayers
Ride on the high winds
Above the clouds,
One, one, one
The circle goes.


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