Andrew, my 4 yr old, asked me yesterday at supper what the word "ridiculous" means. I asked, as all good mother's do, where did you here that word? He replied, as all children usually do, I dunno (i don't know). Well, I said, it means silly or nutty; Something that's hard to believe. He thought that was so funny and began telling ME how riduculous I am! The mom in me replied, we don't tell adults theyare riduculous. And, yet I'm thinking, I wish sometimes I could!

Some days I just look at something I've done or that has been done to me, and think "that is riduculous!" In reality, which is where I try to live most days (although, not as fun as my pretend world where I have a tiara, a delicious latte in hand and solve the world's problems), don't we have these thoughts and don't say it? Sometimes my filter on my mouth is breaks, and I do say something quite ridiculous... and then, often, miraculously, my filter stays in place and I just smile...

One of the most beautiful lessons I've learned and continue to re-learn either in life, teaching yoga or parenting... is "wait, wait" (Chrys K. repeated "wait", ump-teen times in yoga therapy training... it's slowing sinking in.) Sometimes we jump ahead on our path of where we need to be to make something happen. Or even say or do something that appears ridiculous but yet took some courage to do. It's having that discernment to know when to act and when to wait, just wait.
“Life is all about timing...the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable...attainable. Have the patience, wait it out.”
― Stacey Charter


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