Last month, David Newman came to Houston for a Kirtan (music & chanting). A song that really was touching for me to hear and see performed live was Like Rain/Radhe Bolo... Like rain is falling, shower blessings on us all. He has a sample of the song on his website, however, I couldn't find a live performance of it. If you've never been to a Kirtan, go. I've been to a number of them now, and every one of them has been different. At some people have danced wildly around the room (you start to wonder if they're on something!?), some have been a sing-a-long with lyrics provided, and another was more like a concert (with 'byob'). In every case, when I stopped worrying about what they were singing about (did it line up with my belief system) or what others were doing (dancing like 12 year olds around the room), or any other judgmental thoughts... and just enjoyed the music and the engaging way it was performed. I allowed myself to be swept up in the energy of it, smiling and sometimes letting tears flow.


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