Breaking Free

eka pada bakasana

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.”
―Rosalia de Castro

Friday morning, I went into my closet to find a few quiet moments. I sat down, took 2 cleansing, refreshing, deep belly breathes, then.... "Mom! I need help with the cereal. Mom, help me find.... please wipe my...!"  Morning mediation consisted of 2 breaths.  A friend emailed me yesterday, "I need to devote more time to me and spirituality. I get caught up in the day to day routine and can't seem to break free."  Breaking free of our samskaras (patterns of the past or old way of thinking) is just plain hard sometimes. Just look at the hundreds of thousands of books there are on the topic that are all best sellers. We all want to know how we can live more fully, balance our lives with happiness, more fulfillment. We go looking anywhere, and everywhere that's quick. Anything worth anything takes time, practice, and patience. If it could happen overnight, everyone would be writing a book!
Breaking free from those patterns is a walk of faith. My schedule and life is evolving. I recently cut 7 classes from my weekly teachings in order to be closer to my kids and home during the weekdays. I had a bit of withdrawal last week. But, this week is a full week of classes. Next week... off on a new adventure: training in California. I'll be working with Planet Yoga as a mentor. What I'm most excited about is how the vision of PY aligns so well with exactly what it should: Yoga. Community. Passion. Gratitude. Mentorship. Svadhyaya (inner study). Stay tuned... I'm not sure where all of this is taking me but have such a peace about the journey itself and who's going along for the ride.


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