your wild and precious life

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

beginning my list: go back to KL to lead a retreat, open a studio, live courageously, self-discipline, love my kids in a way that speaks love to them, surrender, teach with joy every day, mend & grow my relationships (with jason, my family and friends far & near), create a website, clean the chambers of my heart daily, grow my vision, show humility, paint the kitchen, learn how to mix my music, travel, study in OZ with inspyrayoga, take photography lessons in santa fe, study yoga & Alzheimer's and the effects of pranayama & get a grant to begin a study, write a book, smile more, belly laugh every day with my kids, adho mukha vrksasana away from the wall, back up my computer regularly, stop procrastinating, give myself more time than I think I need, learn Ashtanga primary series enough to lead it without notes and with confidence, svadhyaya (spiritual study), life in a way that honors and serves God & the see the Divine in myself and others... BE h e r e NOW.


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