yoga Under the Stars

Coming off my plane yesterday from 9000 ft elevation (Crested Butte) and a cool 60 degrees, to warm (96!) Houston, I was able to experience a wonderful group of over a 100 folk for yoga under the stars at City Centre Lifetime (link to photos). The theme: Going with the flow! Even with all the great preparations, things happen. It's OK that we were temporarily short of mats... it's yoga, so share (aparigraha: non-hoarding)! It's OK that it's hot (santosha: contentment)! It's OK that the mic went out, it gave me a chance to practice slow, calm breathing (pranayama). Amazingly, Aaron, the world musician who performed had an extra microphone for us to use. The only hitch: it wasn't wireless. I sat poolside (tempted to put my feet in while I spoke, but didn't think everyone would appreciate that I was cooling off while they were sweating!) and instructed verbally while Stephanie demonstrated. A wonderful blessing in disguise. It allowed the class to really tune more into themselves, and I was able to enjoy having to sit still. A good practice for someone loves to move, adjust and flit around like a bird.
It just goes to show over and over, we can take a situation, any situation and interpret it in a way that brings us the most joy. Why do we actually choose to be stressed over and over? "Yoga is not arguing with reality".

Special THANK YOU:
Lulu Lemon, Manduka (mat), Luna Bars (yummy samples!), and to Aaron Hermes ( for his beautiful classical Indian music. To Cathy Knauss, for getting it all together (fantstic!), Stephanie Perry-Bush for her goregous going with the flow demonstrations, Kat Axmann, for assisting, and for the many, many Lifetime team members who helped provide food, set up & clean up.


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