Right here, right now

"My life is right now. Stop looking. Life is already right here." -- J Lasater

I was talking to a wise friend last night and asked her what her plans were for the summer. She said, while planning is important to her, she tries not to focus and the what-ifs or what might be, but on the here and now. So, here and now, I'm in the midst of planning the summer camps and activities for the boys, and it's easy to get carried away with keeping them busy-- too busy. I took a look at all the challenges I was creating for myself shuttling them to and fro and chose to erase quite a bit and wrote: "take time off. play". When there's nothing scheduled, I hear the word "bored" which I have oficially banned from our house. 'We are the maker of our own fun', is my favorite saying when they start to whine about not getting to watch TV or play on the computer when it's so lovely outside! When you're older, I say, you'll be wishing you had more time outside, I promise. I sure do. Heading out now to blow some bubbles.


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