patient |ˈpā sh ənt|adjectiveable to wait without becoming annoyed or anxious : be patient, your time will come.slow to lose one's temper with irritating people or situations : he was always kindly, patient, and considerate.
PATIENTS requires no real discussion does it? Either it's preset in your action, or it's not. Today it was... my son's 9th birthday. He was so full of delight... every moment was special to him. He took so much pleasure in everything from pirate hats to the chocolate icing to time with friends and family. His joy is so contagious. I always get compliments on his positive outlook and how friendly he is. I think there is so much to learn from our kids... from my half glass full first-born to my half glass empty second-born.... there is amazement in every moment- we just have to be patient and open to what life brings.


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