Yoga Sutra 1.7

Preparations for going out of town are always fun for me. I love planning, organizing, and of course, the thrill of going and exploring something new. I'm headed to NYC- my first trip in about 18 years? I can't remember... I went during college for a summer internship (ad agency) interview. I recall really wanting that job- but decided to take one in Texas in order to stay closer to my husband (fiance at the time). It's one of those forks in the road of life where you wonder what if and yet I'm grateful I took the one I did.

Pratyaksanumanagamah Pramanani
Yoga Sutra 1.7

Right knowledge and deep wisdom awareness is based on experience and meditation. Wrong knowledge is the idea based on intellect only, not on experience or meditation. When you can understand something by seeing or experiencing it for yourself, you have a direct perception of it. If you don't, you only have a knowledge of it based on someone else's experience or their understanding of it. -- Anand

I have a lot to learn- and the older I get, the easier it is for me to take advise from those that I respect and admire, who have gone or traveled a road I'm headed toward. (My dad might disagree here... but I'm working on at least listening well!) When I was younger, I was not as open to it. I find, however, that when I sit still and talk to God about it, the Truth will surface. It soon becomes clear when my values are unchanging, decisions are simpler. My choice to stay in Texas all those years ago was the right one at the time.


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