Update from Martha

I really want to take a break from all things technology- I think I can manage it- but I really have to figure out how it's possible? Why do I need the computer (email) or phone (texts)?

Game updates and schedule changes for my son's soccer happen last minute, always. Carpooling arrangements for practices (choir and soccer). My teaching- students email me and my employer has specified that we check our email daily for updates. I don't answer calls promptly (I keep my phone on silent 24/7 because I don't want to accidentally leave it on while I'm teaching. Done that before!)...A yogini I work with has no cell phone. Only her home phone, and get this... an answering machine! (The last one we had was at least 6 or so years ago...).

I already watch very little TV (admittedly more lately, but as little as possible) so what's realistic?... how connected should I be? Setting limits and just not allowing it to get the best of me? Certainly, I don't think that I am so important that I must be reachable at all times. Or, that I have to check my email and phone continuously. Or, that I have to blog all the time... sigh.

But, really that's not what it's about.

I got a sweet hand written note (yep, snail mail!) from Martha (see her blueberry recipe from earlier blog) who is taking a sabbatical. Letting go of TV and computer and just filling time with family (her grown children and grandchildren), friends and teaching without distraction. She said her life has been richer... walks sweeter, even writing letters are a joy, she said. Life has her full attention. She even has NO trainings scheduled for the remainder of the year and lots of opportunities to teach and be a mentor and supporter of others. Her life is filled with serenity, and she is grateful.

Now if that doesn't sound absolutely wonderful, I don't know what does?!


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