Heart Alignment

I was looking forward to the beginner's workshop tonight. I suppose now that I'm fully prepared, there will be an opportunity to share and teach it at some point again in the near future. I'm excited about the direction that yoga is going at Lifetime. There's a growing community of students that seem to be grasping the joy of yoga.

"Practice- asana, mantra, meditation, diet, etc. is really all about love. Discipline does not have to be some set of self-imposed restrictions that we do to be "good yogi's" but instead could simply be a way that we align ourselves with our heart and so whatever gestures we make are really self-affirming, self-loving acts."- Christina Sells, Anusara Yoga

This morning -- running through my to do list in my mind before I got out of bed... time with God & study, must meditate, no chocolate today! (Easter chocolate has been irresistible lately), take Drew to doctor & try to get him to eat!, straighten house, organize for workshop (that will most likely cancel due to low registration), order cake for baby shower, wrap gifts for upcoming birthdays, plan for NY trip, get in 108 sun salute weekly practice, meetings to re-arrange.... on and on.

I've always considered myself very disciplined, however, I'm also quite adapt at procrastination. It's that Vata (flighty)-Pitta (fiery) in me that I struggle to balance. Sometimes I wish I had more nurturing Kapha traits. Wishing isn't really what I need. Cultivating a more loving respect for myself (and those closest to me) and allowing for room to grow and change, rather than striving with so much effort to always do good or better. (And, then feeling the guilt when I miss the mark.) With loving respect, I would probably make fewer poor choices and make room for more beauty in my life.


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