Good Karma

Good karma. I think if someone could trademark that phrase, they would. I used to think of "good karma" as doing something nice for someone, and then expect "good luck" or something good to happen in return. What comes around goes around, kind of thing.

"It's a system of discipline aiming at attainment of freedom through unselfishness and good works. Every selfish action, therefore, retards our reaching it and every unselfish action takes us toward it. Let us do good because it is good to do good." (Swami Vivekananda)

That's easy when people are kind. Isn't it easier to give to someone who appreciates a gift? Easier to smile at someone who smiles at you first. So much more discipline required to give without a personal motive. But, it's the highest ideal of Karma yoga to be unattached.

I'm loving the 29 gift challenge because it's intended to be a "sacred ritual-- an opportunity to cultivate a mindful practice of stepping outside my own story for a few seconds each day by serving others." The biggest question to tackle in this 29 days, what could I never part with?


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