Yoga Sutra 2.39

Aparigraha Sthairye Janmakathamta Sambodhah

Yoga Sutra 2.39

"When you are not looking for something that is outside of yourself, you can transcend time. You're not afraid of the future. The past, present, and future is the same. If you see yourself as a victim of something in your past, you are attached to your past story. Let go of it and begin to transform, becoming steadfast in yourself."-- Anand

Aparigraha is greed or hoarding. I often describe it as striving. But, I really love Anand's interpretation because it looks at the root of greed, and that is searching for something outside yourself. Instead of looking around and comparing ourselves to others or what others have or what they can do (the backbends I long to be able to do! grasp how to do cool computer design! be the supermom- have the house clean, dinner prepared, play games with the kids and life in order!), I must focus on where I am today. Because the past is gone. The future is not here. And, this moment is mine to cherish. I have to accept where I am today and cultivate discipline to have growth, rather than be ambitious to attain a pose or a thing or my idea of perfection.


  1. Beautiful! All we can do is be true to ourselves in the moment of now; the past will not change and we don't know even if we have a future.


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