Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. Why does the enormity of the day seem to envelop me? I'm sitting in the Portland airport intermittently people watching (some great lookin folks to watch...) and taking stock of the weekend. Pondering things way too deep for the moment... "what is my soul telling me?" I keep going over the same list of things hoping for a different end, a new solution, an insight that perhaps I missed. But, somehow, the same conclusion. Maybe I just need some fresh data? If I'm not making sense... it could be sleep deprivation and the fact that it's Valentine's. : )

I took a hot and lively class this morning at Core Power Yoga this morning. Love, love, loved it. Sigh... some great yoga here. Really gets me itching to open my own studio... some day.

Serendipity. I taught 2 classes, gentle and vinyasa intermediate at Flow yesterday but the workshop didn't make. The biggest blessing was that I got to teach some incredible and dedicated students and have a fantastic catch up lunch with Stephanie - who I consider not only an amazing yogi but someone I admire and aspire to emulate-- in terms of living a life true to herself, one of integrity and joy. I'm thrilled she's headed to India with me November. Life is good.

Funny thing about expectations.... when we set them, we might miss out on the serendipity of life. I'm setting out to free myself of what I'm gripping and hoping for a future full of promise and renewed joy.

Life is joy.

Happy Valentine's Day.


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