through the woods to grandma's house

"Suffering is in the eye of the beholder and service is in all of us." -- Yvonne Bannister

My reading this morning from Judith Lasater's Living Your Yoga:

"Everyone has to go through the woods and meet the big bad wolf in order to get to Grandma's House. We grow up when we realize no one's life is perfect or easy. Take stock of your blessings. Say aloud, today I am grateful for.... Then realize that, even with problems, on the deepest level your life is perfect."

It's true but what about those friends who are in the deepest part of the woods? Friends going through divorce, illness, depression and suffering (duhkha)? I've found that really, they don't want my advise (unless of course, they actually ask for it), but they would rather know that they are not alone. To know that, just listening and simply picking up the phone is all that is required.

It's just that season of life. I remember in college, a wave of engagement parties and weddings. Then, in my 20's and 30's, baby shower, after baby shower. In my late 30's, friends separating, getting divorced... and our parents aging. Seasons... my mom recently lost 3 friends within months of each other.

I think once I begin to realize that everyone, everyone travels the same road and yet views it differently (because of our avidya or limited knowledge), I began to soften and take the small and big waves of each season with a little more compassion and grace. I'm only now beginning to see the wisdom of those who've made it to grandma's house.


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