We're into February- and you can't go anywhere without seeing the commercialism of Valentine's. Even in yoga. I got the newsletter- and there were no less than a dozen partner valentine day yoga classes. We're even doing one at Lifetime.

My morning reading from Pathways to Joy was "all things in the universe are of divine origin and deserve to be loved. The love of the whole includes the love of the parts". Then, I read Christina Sell's blog this morning, about "muscle energy as a hugging embrace on all sides and how we can practice loving all sides of ourselves- even the hard to love parts. " She always speaks the truth from her heart, and I value that in her. She has no idea who I am- but isn't that amazing about the internet? You can follow someone's blog- read the most intimate details of their lives (that they willingly post!) and somehow connect and be able to apply it (or at least willingly consider it) to your life.

The theme of love prevails this month-- even in loving-kindess to ourselves. Our dharma (purpose) I believe is to live life with heart.


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