Grace is divine love and protection bestowed freely upon others.

I tend to write about it a lot. I suppose it's because I am so grateful to receive it. And, am delighted that when I give it away (especially to my children) there is such a sense of freedom and relief (for both of us) that is beyond expression.

I am the recipient of this divine love this week. I am learning to recognize the divine within me. I honestly don't feel that way at times. But, when I can remember and dwell in this beauty of grace rather than circumstances... I heal. I love that Elizabeth Gilbert said in a recent article how we often treat ourselves like a rental car. We use our bodies to get us from place to place, experience to experience, rushing...without regard to treatment of ourselves and simply using our bodies as a means to get us there rather than enjoying how amazing we are- and how if we showed our bodies (mind/ body and spirit) greater respect- that it is indeed holy... we would be living a life through direct observation and full participation. (my paraphrase from my sketchy memory and the fact that my 4 year old is in my lap while I'm typing and don't want to move him to retrieve the article... : ))

I'm feeling pulled in so many different directions - to be all these different roles in life- and not feeling like I'm doing any of them well. It's time to clean house... the one inside me and really take stock of the important. And, when it doesn't all get done or even done well... today I will grant myself that merciful grace and surrender (Ishvara Pranidhana) to the Lord.

"...we have a dual nature: our spirit which beats to the big sound of the universe, and our human form, which relies on the perseverance of the heart and lungs. While I am here, contained within bones and muscles, organs and skin, I want to take care of the gift of my body. I want to feed it well, move it gracefully, and rest it deeply. I know that the life force beats on, even when the heart has stopped, but while I have heart and lungs, I want to treat them with sacred awe." Elizabeth Lesser, Broken Open


  1. Thank you as always for such a thoughtful entry. I am learning to overcome my own hang-ups about spirituality, and God, and what it means to have faith. I wasn't raised to be a believer. I wasn't raised NOT to be a believer either, and that neutrality has presented its own special challenges, which I am working through day by day. As I become more and more attuned to how my thoughts affect my actions and, in turn, my circumstances, I see how the backbone of my experience of the world truly is my spiritual awareness. I thank you for always giving me something new to consider.

  2. Growing up with the Christian faith has shaped me into who I am today. But, doesn't necessarily define me any longer. That was a difficult sentence to write. One that my Christian friends will groan and worry over and begin to think that I've "lost my way or personal relationship with Christ"... however, I feel like my faith has simply grown as a result of this journey. How could it not?
    Certainly I can appreciate where you are, though... this quest -- to fill something deep within.
    A small surprise coming to you in the mail, my sweet friend.


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