"When you're softer on yourself, then you will be softer with others."-- Anand

My yoga "practice" does not have to be hard, and certainly not all of the time. A sufferfest in spinning or even yoga, while I'll admit feels good and creates prana (energy) in the short term, it isn't sustainable for me on a daily basis. Just to be consistent is what I hope for in the long run.

Both boys followed me this morning to the bathroom to have a "serious talk". (Note to self- more intentional time with the boys, so they don't feel like they have to follow me to the restroom to get my attention!) Nathan (8) asked Andrew (4) what his new year's resolutions were... I didn't even know he knew what a resolution was. After further clarification, he just wanted to know what Andrew's plan was for today. Pretty wise, coming from an 8 year old. Kids just live in the moment. Why is it so hard for adults to do that? Other than the obvious (we must be responsible and plan for the future...)

So, my new year's resolution? I used to make elaborate lists of what I wanted to do, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Now, I just pick one thing. Last year, it was to grow in my teaching and practice through training which resulted in my 500 RYT. This year, consistency. Consistency in yoga practice, in how I parent my children, in maintaining relationships, in what I eat, say and do... and of course, to live in the moment.

Enjoying the present moment,



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