Taking a week long break in Santa Fe to visit my dad with my boys, was both difficult and refreshing. It's always hard to witness how progressed my step mom's Alzheimer's has gotten-- at only 62. However, it was touching at how tender and patient my father, her husband and sole caretaker is. When faced with uncertainty and unexpected life changing events, diseases, or situations, how do we respond? We have a choice to do so with grace or not. With joy (not happiness) or not... can we find that sense of peace that we are searching for?

A devotional I read in last week's Christmas Eve class:

"It seems peace is uncomfortable in our culture. It doesn't make itself at home or seem to stay for long. Peace came in a small package. Peace. May it heal the rifts that rise between us. Kiss the scrapes and wounds of our soul. May peace come like the pinkest dawn and flood the landscape of our days with firm and unshakable Shalom. "If we have no peace, it's because we've forgotten that we belong to each other." (Mother Teresa)"-- L. McLeory


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