normal range of movement creates integration of yoga

"Creating the normal range of movement and alignment is the integration of yoga."--JL

Judith actually suggested that yoga is not the cure-all. (gasp!) I think there are many of us as teachers, me included who have come to believe that yoga is the answer to... whatever the question might be. I would like to hear Judith talk more about her theory... However, I think her whole point (with normal range of movement- rather than create hyper-flexibility) was in our quest for more and more challenging asanas. I have this pose, so now I will work on this one... which is not bad in and of itself, however now I should look at whether the value of the asana outweighs the danger of it to the body.

All coming back around to ahimsa, non-harming. Which is so foundational to living a life rooted in yoga. Judith wrote a great article on this for yoga journal. It's hard to determine by ourselves what normal range of movement is if what we've been doing (either nothing or too much) clouds our reality. Often, we need to move into the full range of a pose then back away find a sense of ease in it (showing restraint and wisdom in our mobility).

OK-- on to building a train out of pillows with the boys. Could be dangerous with all the wrestling, tackling, and tickling but the fun far outweighs the danger. : )


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