A New Year

"In the silences that accompany a strong internal relationship with the self we see not only the truth of our present circumstances and a way forward but we also realize how short our stay is on this earth. Life awaits for us in this internal marriage (vow to self)...Life is to be taken to the tilt, you do not have forever, and therefore, why wait?" -- David Whyte

A friend text me a New Year's greeting "In spite of a year of hardship (family separations, a cancer scare, work that is few and far between) we've counted our blessings (there was no cancer, we have healthy children who fight with each other often but are the best of friends, & remind us daily of how fortunate we are to be here and taking care of them) and knowing that the new year will bring renewed strength, recovery and joy."

The challenges and optimism of others remind me of the blessings in own life. And, within me, I recognize a renewed sense of purpose, clarity, and courage to face an unknown path in the new year. To truly LIVE.




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