Communication Mudra

Judith Lasater, author, student and teacher of almost 40 years. Before I was born, she was already teaching yoga. Not to put an emphasis on age... just to make it crystal clear that my entire life she was doing what I only discovered a mere 6 years ago. In her words, "yoga is 5000 years old; we're all beginners". Furthermore, she said she felt like she was just now starting to get it. Well, if Judith, who in my opinion, has a wealth of knowledge and what many teachers out there don't have yet: years and years of instructing and experimenting and growing through yoga, is a beginner, then wow, 'who am I'? Not 'what am I'? But 'who am I to be teaching'?

Our homework assignment tonight: "stop trying to convince anyone of anything". Don't tell your students this is the "right or only way". Just offer options. Give suggestions. Speak from your own experience. And, this goes for your home life, too. Ever try to persuade a child/ teen that it's better not to______ (fill in the blank)?

Here's a new mudra (credit to Judith...): Open your mouth & inhale. Place your tongue between your teeth and bite down. (Got it?)

"Communication is not about what we say, it's about what the other person hears." I don't know about you, but I had to read that again. I think we all know that but unless we are willing to apply that mudra... then, we may never get to use the most powerful part of communication, simply listening.

Before you think that I'm not actually learning any anatomy... she manages to weave in philosophy, sound bites of her past experiences (life), and anything else that pops into her head. And, yes, a lot of anatomy with lovely restorative asanas. ahhh

Just staying true to who I am, nothing more or less. And practicing a new mudra. : )




  1. These last two posts are exactly what I needed to read right now. I am still working in that tension created by differences in the inner and outer... learning both to open my heart and allow myself to be vulnerable, and also to listen to my inner voice and the messages that come from around me for cues how to resolve that tension. As usual, you give great voice to what is occupying my attention these days.


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