Bhakti Yoga

"... to love without any ulterior motive, loving God and loving goodness because it is good to do so: not for going to heaven, or got get wealth or anything else. God Himself is love. So long as you see a person love another to get something, you may know that it is not true love; it is shopkeeping. Love is always the giver, never the taker. The nature of real love is that it does not ask for anything in return. Love knows no fear. Where do you ever see love in fear?"-- Pathways to Joy

Loving a child, parent or sibling is like this. Sometimes, in the case of a child, all they have to do is smile and all the other hurts or behaviors that they have just done melt away. With a partner, that love is harder- that relationship is a circle of respect that shows love and love that shows respect. When the circle is broken, to continue to love without condition is difficult. However, I believe it is a choice. We chose our path, we chose our mates, we chose to live a life that's positive, or we dwell in mud puddle of the negative. We have a choice.


  1. I definitely feel that the love my husband and I share has moved from one of fulfilling an empty need to standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity... over the past couple of years. Oddly and wonderfully, it really started when I began to act on my own behalf. I think it's so true that when we let our own light shine we encourage it in others. (paraphrasing Marianne Williamson of course) I hope your own home life flows in that direction too.

    Thank you for posting from Pathways to Joy- I haven't picked it up in a long time but may soon do so! ~DW


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