Are you willing?

"Are you willing?"-- Judith Lasater

For 5 days, before Judith did anything that involved someone else, (adjust, consider a new thought or action, etc.) she asked this question. Certainly not a new idea- and a phrase I usually use is: would you consider or just for today, would you consider... But I think willingness and considering are different. Willingness is certainly more powerful-- while considering is pondering or mulling over something. When we ask permission we're much more likely to get the desired result while showing respect to the other person -- and be able to go farther with it because now that person has agreed -- out loud. This week, I'm giving it a try. So far so good... my kids are unsuspecting and most cooperative. (Although, doesn't quite have the same affect when you say are you willing to do your homework. There are no options there!)

Are you willing? Sometimes I wonder if I am willing and wouldn't it be nice if someone asked me that question? : )


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