Completed 23 hours of Anatomy training this past week- and my head is completely spinning thinking about how I will apply the knowledge gained of bones, muscles and nerves without completely freaking out my classes. (; ) )

A beautiful way that Judith described yoga is that "yoga is more about adaptability rather than flexibility." Flexibility is a side benefit to yoga, while the aim is continuously adapt- be willing and open to view something from another angle. Just taking another teacher's class or even a different type of yoga, and rather than thinking that's not the way I learned it... adapt.

On the flip side, she noted that not enough people walk out of yoga classes when the teacher is instructing in a way that is contraindicated to the body (harmful- ahimsa). Be adaptable and yet allow your yoga to be one that is challenging yet easeful.

Learning to adapt off the mat, out of the yoga room, is my challenge this week. Really it's more about letting go of trying to control things. I often tell myself this wonderful lie, "I am in complete control of my (emotions, my children...)". I'm learning to see situations in life as they really are and releasing my grip. It's not in my hands anyway.



  1. So there is the truth you were looking for.... Awareness of the lie now has light onit and it will never hold the power over you that itonece did! AMEN!


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